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Safe machinery, step-by-step (3)

System implementation and review: Read the third part of the series now.

Our "Safe machinery, step-by-step" series contains everything you need to know for your route to a safe machine. Part 3 deals with system implementation and review.

Step 5: System implementation

The selected safety measures are implemented based on the results from the risk assessment and safety design. This includes the following:

  • Selection and co-operation with suitable suppliers
  • Acquisition of components and implementation of system solutions
  • Configuration of control systems and creation of visualisation interfaces
  • Electrical installation of plant and machinery
  • Equipment of mechanical protective measures and hydraulic components
  • Inspection and building of control cabinets
  • Training of machine operators and maintenance personnel

Step 6: Review of risk assessment

During the review of the risk assessment, we take another look at the steps taken previously: Have the protective measures been implemented correctly? Has the safety relating to the machine control system been designed correctly and implemented in accordance with the safety requirements? Validation is essential for proving that machines are safe. The review also includes function testing and fault simulation on the safety system, plus a variety of measurements (earth conductor, noise emissions, ...). The subsequent results are to be recorded and documented.

Continues… The fourth and final part of the series will be available here shortly, covering the issue of instructions and CE certification.

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Safe machinery, step-by-step: System implementation and review of the risk assessment
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