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First safe PLC control system with protection type IP67

With the PLC control system PSS67 PLC, the automation system PSS 4000 has the first safe control system with protection type IP67. This enables you to master your automation tasks now without a control cabinet!

For cost or space reasons, you want to remove the need for a large control cabinet and fit our control system directly at the machine? You are looking for a safe control system which can be installed outside the control cabinet? Then opt for our new, safe PLC control system with protection type IP67 for the automation system PSS 4000!

Customised automation

You can assemble the automation system PSS 4000 individually to suit your own requirements. Control systems, I/O modules and the appropriate visualisation and engineering software are available to do this. With the PLC control system PSS67 PLC we now offer a solution for decentralised automation without a control cabinet in protection type IP67.

The control system PSS67 PLC1 16FDI is fully encapsulated and therefore mechanically particularly robust. It is therefore fully functional in dusty or humid environments. The ideal supplement for the decentralised use in the field is the module PSS67 IO1 16FDI in protection class IP67. In transfers safety-related and non-safety-related input signals on a field level.

Simple installation and programming

You install the control system PSS67 PLC close to the actual process - without a control cabinet. You will not only save space, the cabling and wiring expense is clearly reduced, compared to control cabinet-based systems.

You can program the control system PSS67 PLC just as the IP 20 control system PSSuniversal PLC of the automation system PSS 4000 using the engineering software PAS4000. The visualisation software PASvisu enables you to always keep an eye on your entire plant.

Save time when exchanging devices

As in the automation system PSS 4000, you can also in the IP67 components save projects to a microSD card that is installed in a protected location. When replacing device, you simply replug the microSD card. There is no need to reconfigure or reprogram your project.

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