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Planning & Licence Application

Planning & License Applications: Your Needs

Construction, modification or re-layout of your industrial facility may require applying to the responsible statutory authorities for planning, permits and licenses. In addition to planning approval you may require fire certificates, environmental impact assessments amongst others. Planning and Licence applications traditionally tend to be tedious exercises often slowed by ‘red tape’ specifications. There are many aspects to consider when applying for planning and using a team with experience in the area ensures a seamless transition to the next phase.

Planning & License Applications: Our Approach

Our multi-disciplinary teams are familiar with the building, workplace and environmental regulations. By integrating the know-how and experiences we will identify early the constraints and essential obligations impacting the design and construction of a new plant or the re-layout of the existing plant. Project cost savings can be made even at this early stage by careful consideration of planning requirements.

Planning & License Applications: What We do

From project conception to the delivery of a completed building project we offer a comprehensive planning service, from our initial briefings, to preparing the desired planning drawings, publishing public notices, compiling associated application documents for submittal to the relevant authorities.

  • Engage in pre-application discussions to clarify technical requirements of applications
  • Monitor the application constantly on your behalf and be available to answer any technical queries requested by the relevant authority.
  • Preparation of landscaping plan to accompany the design proposals
  • Compiling environmental impact assessments
  • Documentation of fire prevention and mitigation arrangements together with full set of plans for the purpose of achieving a fire certification.
  • Application for IPPC license covering all emissions from a facility and its environmental management

Planning & Licence Applications with Pilz: Your benefit

  • Expert involvement from the critical first stages of a project to capture all your requirements
  • A team based approach, guaranteeing you skilled professionals in all relevant disciplines
  • Utilising our experience in the area to avoid common mistakes and ensure maximum cost saving

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