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Nov 21, 2018

Industrie 4.0 – Just do it!

Are you thinking about using Industrie 4.0-compatible solutions in your company but are just not sure how to go about it? We have the solution.

The same applies for companies and society: to remain competitive and up-to-date, you have to continue developing. Pilz has always continued to develop: from the glass-blowing business in the 40s to the supplier of Industrie 4.0-compatible automation solutions that it is today. Indeed, the sector continues to develop as well. Industry is showing a clear trend towards autonomous, networked systems. While Industry 3.0 was the age of automation and IT, Industrie 4.0 can be viewed as the age of autonomy. Networked, digital production units are the basis for autonomous systems. Anything that supports this development we call Industrie 4.0. Let's take our own production as a specific example:

Robot in operation
Previously our staff had to carry out monotonous tasks, but today a robot provides support. It is happy to take on monotonous tasks independently. In our factory it takes housing components from a defined area, inserts them into the laser housing and forwards them to a defined location once the laser process is complete. So our staff can be employed more productively and concentrate on value-adding activities.

OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness
To measure the overall equipment effectiveness of our production, our staff used to read data from the machines and enter it manually into an Excel table. Today this process is automated, thanks to defined interfaces from the data sources to the server. As a result we save 30 minutes of manual work daily and increase the quality of the data, as the potential for error is significantly reduced.

3D printer for metal and plastic
We used to order prototype housings from an external injection moulding service provider. Thanks to the 3D printer, today we can print these housings ourselves in just a few days. As the manufacturing time is very much shorter we have become more flexible and have been able to make significant cost savings.

Flying probe test
For the electrical function test on printed circuit boards, special adapters had to be made for each PCB. With the flying probe test this is no longer necessary because any PCB can be tested using flexibly programmable test probes. Such high flexibility provides test results in a very short time.

Autonomous transportation
Previously, solder frames were conveyed from the solder wave to the respective production unit via a rigid transport system developed in-house. This prevented flexible production units. In future, the solder frames will be transported from the solder wave to the respective production units using an automated guided vehicle (AGV). This means we can design our production structures with greater flexibility. And the AGV can perform additional transportation tasks in the production and logistics area. For example we have been able to replace driver-based transportation, allowing staff to focus more on value-adding activities.

Would you like to see these examples live on site?
Then come to our Industrie 4.0 training and see for yourself!

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