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24 Jun 2015

Monitoring drives safely

The control systems in PSS 4000 can now be used for advanced motion monitoring functions.

The control systems PSSuniversal PLC and PSSuniversal multi can now be used for advanced motion monitoring functions. A new compact I/O module (PSSu K F EI) with local fast shutdown is available for this purpose. You benefit from reduced reaction times and higher productivity.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Fast reaction times and high productivity due to the fast shutdown of drives, irrespective of the PLC cycle time
  • Speed functions are conveniently set-up in the software
  • Application can be adapted with precision, simply by changing the threshold values (e.g. limit speed) in the user program
  • Simple commissioning and time savings during operation due to simple diagnostics of the set parameters
  • Costs can be saved through the use of existing encoder systems, possible connection to all common rotary encoders/feedback systems (sin/cos, TTL, HTL, proximity switches)

Motion monitoring functions to monitor your drives:

  • Implementation of safety functions in accordance with EN 61800-5-2:
     - up to PL d with only one Sin/Cos rotary encoder
     - up to PL e with a safe rotary encoder
     - up to PL e with a combination of rotary encoder and proximity switch, with additional gear monitoring
  • Safe Speed Range: SSR
  • Safe Speed Monitoring: SSM
  • Safe Direction: SDI
  • Safe Operating Stop: SOS

With Pilz automation solutions you can monitor your drives safely and efficiently.


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