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Overview of product-specific standards (C standards)

Product standards

Overview of product-specific standards (C standards)

C standards are product standards; they contain detailed requirements for specific machinery with references to B standards. Two institutions are responsible for drafting these standards, namely CEN for European standards and CENELEC for electrical regulations.

The most important C standards

Hydraulic presses EN 693
Mechanical presses EN 692
Press brakes EN 12622
Pneumatic presses EN 13736
Plastics and rubber machines EN 289
Industrial robots   
Part 1 Robots. Part 2 Robot systems and integration EN ISO 10218-1/2
Collaborative robots ISO TS 15066
Machining centres EN 12417
Textile machinery EN ISO 11111-1 to -7
Woodworking machines EN 940, EN 1218-1 to -5, EN 848-1 to -3
Laser processing machines EN ISO 11553-1 to -3
Packaging machines EN 415-1 to -10
Laser processing machines EN ISO 11553-1 to -3
Paper machines EN 1010-1 to -4
Thermoforming machines  EN 422, EN 12409
Turning machines EN ISO 23125
Metal diecasting units EN 869
Continuous handling equipment (conveyors) EN 619
Power-operated gates EN 12453
Automated guided vehicles (AGV) EN ISO 3691-1 to -5



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